Chabad Reaches Out to the Federal Government to help with Building its Litchfield, CT Synagogue
(Northwest CT) Chabad in its continuous effort in erecting its Synagogue in Litchfield, CT, has reached out today (9/9/2009) to the federal government for help.

Chabad is celebrating its Bar-Mitzvah in Northwest CT, "Chabad Lubavitch exercises the universal motto 'people helping people,' no matter race, color or religion," said Rabbi Joseph I. Eisenbach, director of Chabad Lubavitch of Northwest CT. "We have seen the community respond in astonishing ways to our educational, social and arts programs."

Chabad Lubavitch is the local branch of the largest Jewish organization in the world, with over 2,700 branches spanning the globe. Chabad embraces a philosophy of study, meditation, and social outreach that combines rigorous academics with active community involvement. Chabad's growing array of educational and social services programs has made it one of the most dynamic forces in modern life.

"The Litchfield community - Jew and Gentile - and its clergy, have been most welcoming and supportive in all our programs", said Rabbi Eisenbach, "and it is a shame that some elected officials have made it their mission to try to block the Synagogue, with statements from a historic commission member claiming "there is no place for a Star of David on the Litchfield Green",  and a Litchfield selectman hiring her own lawyer to fight the Synagogue, and having him announce at the town meeting "the Synagogue is like a Strip Joint".

Rabbi Eisenbach added "We had gone through the due process, sadly we were forced to reach out to the Federal government as a last resort. We are sure that G-D willing the power of good will overcome the hurdles being put in front of the loving & tolerant community of Litchfield. Chabad hopes and prays to resolve the matter in the a most efficient matter, and is looking forward to having it home for prayer & good deeds on church row in Litchfield as soon as possible".
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