Camp Gan Israel is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health and strives to meet all the requirements. A full time first aider is on site at all times and accompanies the camp on field trips. The safety and security of our campers is our number one concern. 


Lunch (New This Year): 

Camp Gan Israel will be providing hot lunches during non trip days & sandwiches on trip days. Snack is provided by the camp. 


Our camp newsletter will be given out weekly, on Friday. The newsletter will include a detailed schedule for the upcoming week, information on special events and trips and will keep family members up to date with the children’s activities.


Dress code:

All campers must wear their camp T-shirts every Thursday as these are our field trip days.


Tzedakah (charity) is a concept that is fundamental to Judaism. Our camp attempts to develop a commitment among our campers to share with others less fortunate than themselves by donating a few pennies every day to charity. Parents are asked to provide young children with a few coins daily for Tzedakah. 

Field trips:

Thursdays are trip days and Camp Gan Israel T-shirts must be worn. Please order additional T-shirts if needed. As per Connecticut state regulations, no camper will be permitted to come on the trip without a signed permission slip. If your child is not coming to camp on a trip day, please call to let us know. Please see your camp schedule or website to check drop off and pick up times, as some field trips may leave earlier and return later than normal camp times. On trip days please send your child with a water bottle and we advise that your children be wearing sunscreen and/or a hat.


Campers will be using the swimming pool located at the camp on all days other than trip days. Certified Red Cross instructors supervise all water activities, and safety precautions are strictly adhered to. We provide tubes and floating devices for children who are still learning to swim or are uncomfortable in the water. Please send along a towel and swimsuit on swim days.


There will be late nights, overnights and shabbatons, through the summer (when age applicable). Details will follow. Karate instructors give lessons twice a week. Children enjoy other specialties such as creative movement. 

Arts and crafts:

Our arts and crafts program includes a weekly, hands-on, creative project. The crafts incorporate various Jewish themes, as well as useful, fun projects. Each craft nurtures creative expression and encourages children to discover their own unique talents. 

Camp t-shirts: 

Campers must purchase t-shirts for $10.00 and wear them on trip days. 

Medical policy:

If your child is sick, please do not send them to camp. If your child has a fever, you will be contacted to pick them up. A first-aider will be at the camp at all times- on site and on trips. Camp maintains a first aid kit. If your child contracts a contagious condition, please notify the camp. In the event of an emergency, the parents will immediately be notified and the child will be taken to the nearest hospital unless otherwise specified on their medical form. If the parents cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be notified. 

Head lice: 

Parents must have their children checked for lice prior to camp. Children must be lice and nit free in order to attend. Please take the proper steps and care in the event that they do have any infestation. 


No electronic games, game-boys, walkmans, cell phones, palm pilots or other computerized devices may be brought to camp. Please be alert to any notes your children bring home as to changes, or special field trips that are added to our schedule.

What to send to camp:

please send the following to camp with your child daily unless otherwise noted: all items must be labeled.

  • sunscreen (please apply before camp, we will reapply as needed)
  • athletic shoes
  • Tzedakah (charity)
  • swimsuit and towel (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)
  • camp T-shirt (mandatory on Thursdays)